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Emotional Behaviour Strategist, Author and Reiki Practitioner
Start with a conversation
Karen Thomson
0407 989 209
With strong work ethics and a sense of dedication to my clients, years strolled pass me with a sense of "why doesn't anyone listen?"

My programs work with Management and Staff to create engagement on a level of wellbeing to support growth and connectedness in business.
It  is not that difficult - but we need to be ready to listen.
About Me
For some of us, finding our purpose and passion can take a lifetime.  Fortunately for the clients whom I serve, it did not take me a complete lifetime.   Life is a journey, is it not ?
THEN ...

Following over  20 years in Office Administration and performing in autonomous roles, skills and experience were developed in communication and customer service.

My knowledge of office programs was in-depth, to facilitate report writing and financial reporting.

From  there, I found myself with time for soul-searching, consideration and realisation of a passion that I decided to act upon;  Early Childhood.   

Studies commenced and as with many others acquired the study-bug :

*  Certificate III in Children's Services
*  Diploma  of Community Welfare Work
*  Counselling Course
*  Diploma of Children Sservices
*  Certificate IV in Training Assessment
*  Advanced Diploma of Children's  Services
*  Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
*  Diploma of Training Design and Development
*  Professional Master (Life) Coach

From the Early Childhood Educator role, I commenced training and assessing adult learners in the field.  This fulfilled a hunger for sharing knowledge, producing quality professionals in the Early Childhood Sector and experiencing different forms of communication, diversities of the communities, and human behaviours.

NOW ...

Moving away from the classroom, I now take my teaching and combine skills of mentoring, counselling and coaching to support individuals and management to explore barriers in specific areas of their personal and/or professional lives.

What my clients think is the problem, never is the problem.

It is much more deeper than that.  We explore the mindset strategies and self-beliefs that have developed and are impacting on everyday life.

Everybody has what is required of them, in order to achieve inner peace and an environment which supports their core values and beliefs.

Nature provides my clients to experience that which gives them growth and empowerment - I simply help them be openly aware of their sense of self.