It’s All In Your Mind

It’s All In Your Mind

Have you ever been caught off-guard by a word, phrase, place or behaviour, which has triggered an emotional feeling?
I’ll tell you what happened to me this morning…
Finding in my drawer something I needed to remind my son of and when I took it out of the drawer – it was done already.
My ‘children’ are now ‘adults’ and they don’t need reminding (most times).
My mind then took me back over past years, looking in my lounge room and kitchen, visualising my ‘children’ laughing together on different occasions. It was like ‘life flashing before my eyes’.
“I have raised AMAZING Children, now Adults”.
Tears flowed, tears of joy and sadness all rolled into one.
I have given them the gift of experiencing the next chapter in their life, without Mum over their shoulder.
Of course, in the digital family we are, only a FB Message/Video, SMS, Skype call away.
This showed me how powerful our thoughts and memories are – that they can come flooding back through an action, a word, or a behaviour.
Embrace those memories because they are a part of you, they have made you who YOU are today.
It could be a positive or a negative memory – it is there to tell you “this is the moment to be proud of – YOU are an amazing individual and your life is NOT over, it has begun again, as the next Chapter unfolds”.
The next few pages in the Chapter are blank – I wonder, what YOU will write on them?

Let Others Be Guided By Your Light
Are You Confused?

Are You Confused?

Not sure where you’re headed, where you’ll be and who will be with you?
Well, that’s OK – your Journey will be filled with lots of turns, ups and downs, ins and outs. If you are expecting to have a straight road from A to B and B representing your ‘end of the Journey’ then this WILL create confusion.
A confused mind will say ‘No’.
Remember that people will come and go, you will change your mind here and there in all aspects of your life, and again, that is OK.
Understand that a clear mind creates a clear path.
When you can gain that clarity, you can set your boundaries of what is acceptable for you to live your ideal life, and be your ULTIMATE self.
Let people go to walk their own path and if they are like leaves on the tree, as the wind blows here and there, they will be with you for a purpose and then move on.
If they are like the roots of the tree, regardless of which way the wind blows, they will remain and be a source of strength.
There will be stormy times.
Trust your inner self. Trust your inner Strength.
Those you let go will remain as a constant if you are true to yourself – be real about your goals, keep focused and all WILL come together, all for the greater good.
If staying focused is a challenge, click here and we’ll find your path together…

“Life is like an EMPTY BOX of chocolates”​

“Life is like an EMPTY BOX of chocolates”​

“Life is like an EMPTY BOX of chocolates”
As I sit contemplating my moving house, stacked up before me are boxes.
LOTS of boxes.
It dawned on me that life is like an empty box.
Through Life’s Journey you take the time to welcome or not welcome things/people into your life and decide who/what deserves to be in your ‘box of life’ and who/what doesn’t.
The part which I am referring to is the closing of the box or lid, in which we keep things together in our Life (or in the box if you consider this metaphor).
Your lid, representing how you hold onto different parts of your Life, will be one of these 3:
 Sequential – where the 4 flaps of the box overlap to secure a firm handle on things. This represents ensuring all your ducks are lined up before you take action. Everything must be in place, perfect in every way, before you move on.
 Open/Closed – one action and the job is done. Like a lid that secures the contents of the box in one swift movement. You take the action because you have said ‘YES’ and you know that all will fall into place. Black or White, This Way or The Other – your decisions are definite.
 Open to New Ideas – here there is NO LID!
You are consistently innovative and creating new paths to explore different outcomes.
Without a lid, your box can have things come and go with ease – and that’s OK. Out with the Old (or take a break from the same patterns) and in with the New!
I wonder how you live Your Life according to the decisions you make –
💥 Wait for the Perfect Time?
💥 Decide ‘YES’ or ‘NO’, immediately?
💥 Continuous Innovation?
Wanting to be more organised in how you pack things into your Life to reduce the risk of overwhelm, panic and anxiety? Get in touch TODAY! Let’s make it happen …

If Freedom Was A Thought

If Freedom Was A Thought

Imagine if you were to let go of what was holding you back – would that bring you Freedom?
Consider those emotions that are stopping you from moving forward; anger, blame or holding onto material objects which tie you to living the same old patterns.
To free yourself of those thoughts is to acknowledge that you are worthy of trust, love and respect, from your inner self and those around you.
Create new Stories which give yourself permission to feel the trust, love and respect, and to release those feelings that are not serving you.
For me it is about moving interstate, to know in my mind that it is the right choice for this stage of my life. If I do not act, I will not know what the outcome could have been. Who knows if it will be a permanent move, who knows if it will be my best decision of 2018!
Say YES, and work out how. Ask yourself, “if I don’t let these feelings go, how will my life be different?”
There are no guarantees, except for the one that ‘taking action requires a state of mind’. It is probably the case that your state of mind requires changing first, then the action will follow.
Now I wonder, what will be YOUR change of mindset to enable the ACTION to take place?
You Will Be Taken Care Of

You Will Be Taken Care Of

There is a reason that you are right where you are now – and it could be that you are waiting for something specific to happen.
You may feel that time is not on your side, that timing is out of wack, or that you have so much that needs doing, yet the timing of everything else is not right.
Small steps, appreciate where you are today, who is around you and the discussions you find yourself having. They may be serving a purpose, if not for you, for the person/people near you. Even the thoughts and feelings which you experience.
You may feel that you want it now. That you want certain things to end and for the life that you long for to be closer than “at your fingertips”.
Know that you will be taken care of and that you are destined for great things. Trust in yourself that you are deserving of that which you see in your mind’s eye. You are deserving of living the life you want. You can live the life you want.
Time is on your side – it is giving you exactly what you need right now to give you all that you desire in the times to come. They are there and they will come. Allow yourself, give yourself permission to experience what is now. You are here for a reason. Embrace all that is for you to learn from. Acknowledge it, it is yours.
Make It YOUR Story

Make It YOUR Story

“It was meant to be”. “There was a sign”. “I had a feeling”. “Wherever I looked I just knew”.
Sound familiar ?
When we are looking for answers there is the need to find an answer which supports our choice. This may be one of the above or it may be another.
Whether you had a feeling or saw it in a Tarot Card reading, there are justifications we are comfortable with.
It can be that these all have credibility – that is not the point here.
The point is that we all relate to a Story and we base that Story on a belief. This is OUR Story, OUR Reality. It doesn’t have to be agreed with by others because they will have their own Story.
It is important that we have a Story which gives us Strength, Empowerment and the Courage to continue our Journey – to be open to new challenges, to embrace all that is.
This is HOW you live an authentic life.
How is ‘Pleasing Others’ working out for you?

How is ‘Pleasing Others’ working out for you?

It is like being on a City Circle Tram – you are along for the ride, observing people as they get on, take a seat, ride with you for a while, then they get off. You may offer them a seat so they are comfortable, you may even chat for a while and discuss dreams.
You are pleasing others if you are not getting out of this circle. You are not achieving anything for yourself except that you remain ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’. There is no growth – you are not being ‘truly seen’ for the value you have to share.
Sure, by all means tell yourself that you are contributing – to WHAT are you contributing so that YOU can grow ?
The moment you can step away from that Cycle you have been on and stand tall to say “I am not here to please – I am here to give value, to give my worth and to give you what you need”, this is when you give yourself permission to receive a Return On your Investment.
Invest in Yourself – Be the person you want to be, Do what it takes to succeed, Give others what they need to thrive, Have a life of true fulfilment.
This is where you will discover your Ultimate Self – my 4 Step training takes you through this.
I wonder when you will reach life’s fulfilment which you TRULY deserve.
Comment below your life’s goal and when you want to achieve it.
P.S. Not sure what your goal is? Click here for a FREE 30-minute Focus Call and discover where you want to be 6 or 12 months from now.
Still Sitting On The Fence ?

Still Sitting On The Fence ?

Many coaches repeat the same phrase – “Don’t wait for all your ducks to line up”.
That’s because it is true. If you want to claim something for yourself in life, do it. The first attempt will not be perfect, it never will be because YOU are your GREATEST critic !
I am telling you now, as a coach – “Be mindful how long you sit on the fence, because it may very well break from underneath you”. Then what?
Is it a matter of having the right people around you? Most definitely.
Is it a matter of facing your challenges in small chunks? Of course.
Is it worth investing in yourself so that self-doubt is not an issue? Certainly is.
Now that we agree on that, what is keeping you? Don’t give the excuses that “now is not the right time”, give reasons why “it is EXACTLY the right time” !
Explore how you can handle this AND commit to taking the first step.
If you want to have that certain someone who will be your champion and your challenger, we could be the right fit – because that is EXACTLY what I needed to get where I am today.
Have you dropped your OARs?

Have you dropped your OARs?

It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.” – Vince Lombardi
How often do you find yourself blaming things (or people) around you when it does not go to plan?
I wonder how much it matters, that your plan does not go ahead as you had initially thought.
When we blame the external things, it is not Ownership, Accountability nor Responsibility we are showing to our children, to our family, to our friends.
For what purpose is this done? The time that is spent on accusations, being fearful, living in despair, and worrying about what MIGHT be.
There is always a solution to the problem, there is always room for growth from the fear that is felt, and there is always room to evaluate what may work better next time.
Say goodbye to Blame, Excuses and Denial – there is no room for these if you choose to get back up and take the world head on.
YOU are worth giving it another go – YOU deserve another opportunity – YOU can give yourself permission to learn and grow.
Take the O.A.R.s and steer your way to success – You have got this !
P.S. If your life is out of control, you feel lost and alone, and you want direction to LIVE MORE of your life, drop me a line here.
Acknowledge Your Energy Within

Acknowledge Your Energy Within

Still standing – no matter what life challenges you with, you weather it in true form like Stonehenge, standing tall and strong. You have inner strength to call upon when needed, strength which will enable you to take on challenges through life. It is time to acknowledge all that is YOU.
You are wanting to feel strong and to have the determination in all that you do, to refuse nonsense from others. You are wanting confidence, greater self-esteem and the skills to weather whatever storm presents itself.
It is time to realise the energy you have within – all that you have now which can bring to life all you desire.
As one uses the pedal on that finely tuned piano, to bring depth to each note, to create new sounds which give meaning to the story being told. You desire that same Energy in your Soul.
So what is this ‘ENERGY’ that I speak of?
In line with a Personality Type which you represent, let’s consider the energy that you display, knowing that you can call on any of these energies – knowing that some are more powerful than the others.
I invite you to a fun Quiz to explore and ACKNOWLEDGE your Energies through the 4 Personality Types – D. I. S. and C.
Discover how YOU can be the finely tuned piano and bring depth to every note, every new experience, every new challenge … Click on the link at the top of the screen (refresh the page if you cannot see it) to take the Quiz !