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Key Strategies To Achieve Clarity, Direction and Self-Love

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Are you seeking love and understanding as you face the challenges of being a Single Parent?
As Parents, we would like to be OURSELVES, free of judgement or isolation.
Perhaps you are seeking the freedom to be curious and interested in YOUR future life and to realise that it is OK to acknowledge something REAL is missing.

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Discover The Effect Of Your Own Self-Love

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Achieve Self-Love, Confidence and Clarity on Your Direction.

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Achieving warmer relationships and connection on a level which is higher than you ever imagined.

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Wellbeing for Single Parents

This is a safe place to receive tools and tips for creating confidence and self-esteem as a Single Parent seeking love for your own Soul and Goals for YOUR future.

Karen is an Early Childhood Specialist and Human Behaviour Coach who understands the challenges of single parenting.

This Group is more for YOU as an individual seeking support so you are not alone, you are not judged and not labelled as a Single Parent.

Discover YOUR true self – because you are worth all that you can be.


I have called on Karen, many times when I have found myself self-doubting who I am or what I am doing.
As a parent its hard to find out who I am. Not just a mother or a wife but, me. Karen has helped me find me and believe in me as a person. To love me and have the confidence to follow my dream and how to do it.
Karen has guided me to believe that I can grow my business by being positive and loving me. Understanding who I am and to be the person I was meant to be and not be what I think others want. I now walk straight and with confidence. I believe in me and take criticism and positive feedback from customers with love. I don’t doubt myself and now look ahead with happiness and can’t wait to wake each day.
Thank you Karen.


Anne Walker - Flavourista (Darley, VIC)

Karen has worked with me to achieve a positive mindset around my role as a Single Parent. It was only when we had the phone coaching did I really see how much self-love was missing. An amazing shift evolved.


Rikki (Melbourne, VIC)

Karen has been an awesome sounding board when I have doubted myself. She has made me realize that I can love myself, and others love me too and that I have achieved great things on my own whilst raising two lovely boys. Karen seems to have a great way of making you realize that you are a good person and can achieve anything you desire.


Robyn Kennedy - Early Childhood Educator and Nanny (Rockbank, VIC)

Develop Clarity, Direction And Self-Love.

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