Jill McKeever

Jill ‘s love and passion for the education and caring of young children was ignited when she had her young son and has her seen her working with young children for the past 22 years, as well as teaching and passing on her knowledge to the next generation of educators for the past 9 years. Her life as a wife and mother, like most people, had its ups and down and it is through personal
journey as well as the sudden loss of her husband of 30 years that had her questioning where she was going in her life and what her journey ahead beholds.
Although this threw a complete curveball in her life plans, she wanted to share her struggle and strategies to work through the grief and plan ahead to get to know the inner person for who she is. Jill lives in the northern suburbs of Melbourne with her son and his partner and the family dogs Scampers and Lulu.

Karen Thomson

Karen’s background stems from Early Childhood Trainer, Course Facilitator, and Human Behaviour Strategist. Raising 3 children, now in their adulthood, she discovered the role of Single Parent when they were aged 6, 10 and 13. This provided her with new challenges and new strengths, which she didn’t previously acknowledge herself for. It has been a long road of hardship, relationship challenges and the journey of finding her true passion, for love and healing.
Karen is soft-hearted, with the drive to endure the difficult times to come out the other side with strong, independent, adult children.
With a passion for Natural Therapies, Karen utilizes Emotional Wellness Coaching and Spiritual Awareness to bring her Clients to reach their full potential, to realize their own dreams and build confidence, self-esteem, and self-love.

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Karen and Jill

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